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GETHYUM  Gilliesiaceae  (Gilliesia family) / Alliaceae (Allium family) 

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Gethyum, a two-species genus, belongs to a small group of Allium cousins in South America that look a lot like orchids. Those who grow G. atropurpureum and G. cuspidatum successfully recommend a dry summer. The flowers have three stamens instead of six. Please order for shipping in Autumn.  

H.Gethyum atropurpureum 005-029x.jpg (112896 bytes) Gethyum atropurpureum R.A. Philippi. Uncommon in cultivation, this small bulb from Chile produces masses of 2-cm (1"), velvety brown-black stars on 30-cm (12") stems. A winter grower, it will do best in a frost-free glasshouse. It blooms for almost a month in spring and its beautiful flowers, held in lax, one-sided umbels, smell unstintingly of carrion and manure.  Make the flies in your life happy with this very special plant. 

Bulb. $25.00

This page was revised March 8, 2008
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